Take the A-Train to Misumi in Kumamoto Prefecture

JR Kyushu A-Train to Misumi, Kumamoto
A-Train Exterior

Traveling by train is one of the most convenient ways to get around Japan. So it’s a no-brainer that we took advantage of the various trains from the JR Kyushu Railway during our Northern Kyushu trip. And of all the trains that we’ve taken, the most beautiful one is probably the A-Train. Here’s a look at the A-Train features and design!

A-Train Features

JR Kyushu A-Train to Misumi, Kumamoto

The A-Train’s design was inspired by “the Southern European culture prevalent in Amakusa in 16th century.” The two-car train features a dark wood interior with stained glass decorations. The A-Train logo can be found on both the interior and exterior. In the first car, you’ll find the “A-Bar” where you can order drinks (alcoholic ones too!), purchase snacks and buy on-board only souvenirs.

JR Kyushu A-Train to Misumi, Kumamoto

JR Kyushu A-Train to Misumi, Kumamoto

While all the seats are by reservations only, you are welcome to sit on the sofas by the bar for more leg room once the train is in motion. Like other designer trains, the A-Train also has a free stamp station. Here you can get a free travel passport. The card features the train’s exterior design on one side and a place for you to stamp the A-Train logo on the other. This postcard makes a great souvenir. I’ve been collecting them from each of the designer trains I’ve taken.

JR Kyushu A-Train to Misumi, Kumamoto

I love riding trains. It’s one of the things I look forward to on every trip to Japan. If you’re going to Kyushu, I highly recommend you check out the A-Train or one of the other designer trains they have running in the region. Most of the designer trains sell specialty foods/drinks. So be sure to check out the on-board menu, get some refreshments and enjoy the view of the train ride.

Here are some additional photos of the A-Train. Have you ridden on the A-Train? Let me know!

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