Final Fantasy Foods at the Sun Cafe – Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Food - Sun Cafe - Chocobo Omurice

We happened to be in Tokyo during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition so we stopped by to check it out. Titled “別れの物語展” (Memories of You), the exhibition recaps all the Final Fantasy series most memorable parting moments in the past 30 years. While attending the exhibition at the Mori Arts Center Gallery, we discovered there was an FF 30th collaboration menu with The Sun Cafe. It’s only fitting that we replenish our HP (health points) with Final Fantasy food after our visit.

Here’s a video of the food we ordered. And don’t forget to scroll down to the end of the post to see some of my favourite images from the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition “Memories of You”.

Final Fantasy Food Menu

The FF 30th x The Sun Cafe collaboration menu have ten items: 5 savoury dishes, 2 desserts and 3 drinks. Here are the FF themed food items we ordered:

Potion (ポーション)

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Food - Sun Cafe - Potion Drink

If you play any of the Final Fantasy series, you’d know that the potion replenishes HP. This sweet blue concoction tasted like ramune soda. I love the bottle because it’s so pretty! It’d be even better if they put a cork on top. We didn’t have to drink the potion directly from the bottle, which I think is what they do in the game. The potion came with a glass that’s filled with ice and topped with a blue “crystal” (sugar) shard. It’s very attractive and almost every table got this drink.

Chocobo Omurice Rice (チョコボ風オムライス)

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Food - Sun Cafe - Chocobo Omurice

Introduced in Final Fantasy II, the yellow birds known as Chocobos appears in every FF series, so it’s no surprise to find one on the menu. This chocobo omurice (omelette rice) was made with ketchup fried rice wrapped with a thin layer of egg (as seen in the video). Instead of drizzling ketchup over the omurice, the chocobo omelette sits on top of some tomato meat sauce. Since chocobos are usually found in the forest, the plate was decorated with lots of vegetables. As for flavour, Mr. Chau said it was very “tomato-y” so I’ll take that as a “not bad”.

White Mage Burger (白魔道士のハンバーガー)

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Food - Sun Cafe - White Mage Burger

The White Mage Burger contained elements that are associated with the white mage class, such as the stave and coat with triangles. The “wooden stave” is a coca flavoured breadstick. It was dried and crunchy which really resembles wood in this case. The white burger bun was decorated with triangles made from carrots. I believe this was to match the earlier white mage outfits which featured a white hooded cape with red triangles motif. The burger itself was quite good according to Mr. Chau’s brother who travelled with us.

Moogle Chestnut Mont Blanc (モー栗のモンブラン)

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Food - Sun Cafe - Moogle Chestnut Mont Blanc

For dessert, I chose the Moogle Chestnut Mont Blanc because moogles are so cute! The moogle head was a vanilla panna cotta with chocolate eyes and cherry nose. The “chestnut mont blanc” or sweetened chestnut cream was piped on the side over some sponge cake pieces and topped with fresh fruits. The flavours of both the panna cotta and chestnut mont blanc were quite delicious. Like with most Japanese desserts, it’s flavourful but not too sweet. I especially liked the chestnut cream as it was smooth and had a strong chestnut flavour.

Tidbit: In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance there’s a moogle named Montblanc. Maybe this dessert is about him!

Final Thoughts

We paid ¥5,540 for this meal. It might seem pricey but most character cafes are in a similar price range I believe. While the food was not worth writing home about, the dishes themselves are quite attractive and you would want to order them just for photos!

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – “Memories of You”

Here’s a quick preview of my favourite photos taken from the exhibit.  Read more about my experience at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – “Memories of You” here.

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