About Jan

Hey there,  I’m Jan, a cancer survivor with a passion for cooking, eating and travelling. 🙂

Between 2015 – 16, when I was undergoing my chemo treatment, food and the kitchen are two things that kept me grounded. No matter what my body goes through, preparing and enjoying food always lift my spirits.

Why I love Food & Cooking?

Growing up, I never had any interest in cooking. But after meeting Mr. Chau, I’m on a never-ending quest to cook foods that he likes. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so here’s my journey to find out if this is true or not!

During my battle with cancer, food was one of my biggest motivators. “I have to get better to eat more delicious food”, I told myself. At the time I was unable to eat at my parents/in-law’s home and I was advised not to go out due to the risk of getting sick, so I took an interest in cooking Chinese or Asian comfort foods. Prior to this I mainly cooked Western foods such as pasta and roasted chicken or fish.

After completing my chemo, I want to continue to develop my skills in the kitchen. Whenever I eat something delicious in a restaurant, I’d think of how to recreate it at home. You can find some of my recipes on the blog (after I migrate them from my old blog).

Food to me now is a gateway to learning about other cultures through my belly. I love eating local delicacies, learning how food plays a role in cultural history and how it evolved over time. If there’s a course on food history, I’d love to take it!

Why I love to travel, especially to Japan?

My love for travel likely came from my parents. Our family would go on road trips every summer during my elementary school days. I love seeing the historical sites and nature’s wonders from each destination.

After marrying Mr. Chau, we’ve been travelling to different areas of Japan to experience each regions’ unique food and landscapes. We’re very impressed with the Japanese hospitality and the effort they take to preserve their culture. There is always something that amazes me every time we visit, even if we go to the same cities. And how can I not mention the food?! Food in Japan is always well prepared, seasoned and presented, whether it’s the simplest train station bento box or a multi-course kaiseki meal.

Besides Japan, I’ve also travelled to different cities in America (Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, New York), Europe (London, Paris, Amsterdam), and Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan).

Where are Jan’s Food Steps?

I follow my nose AND my belly! Here’s a glimpse of my local “food steps” in Metro Vancouver, BC:

Map of Jan's Food Steps in Vancouver, BC

Well, that’s all about me. Now it’s your turn! Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you love food & travel. Let me know on Instagram or Facebook! 🙂

Signed By Jan