Dining Bar Solomon – Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka

Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka
Ebi Fry – Deep fried shrimps
When I was researching for unique things to do in Fukuoka, I came across the Dining Bar Solomon. It’s a Gundam themed bar located 10 minutes from Hakata Station by train. Since Mr. Chau is a big fan of the mecha anime, we had to stop by to check it out. We arrived before the bar opens but just looking at the big Zaku decor outside got us very excited!

Dining at an Asteroid Fortress

Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka

Even though I like to build the models, I’m not a huge fan of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. So I kept asking Mr. Chau for references about this Gundam themed bar. I learned that the Dining Bar Solomon‘s logo is actually the logo from one of the factions called Principality of Zeon (ジオン公国). And the word “Solomon” is likely referencing one of the asteroid fortresses owned by this faction. Does this mean we’ve dined at an asteroid fortress?!
Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka
Since this bar is themed around Gundam, you will find all things related to the mecha anime inside. Every where you turn, there are gunplas (Gundam model) built by either the fans or the staff/owner. There are Gundam posters along the walls, Gundam decors, and TVs showing episodes from the first Gundam series. You’ll also find jackets and hats/helmets if you’d like to cosplay as one of the characters! See more photos in the gallery below.

A Gundam Themed Dinner

It was no surprise that the menu is also themed around the popular anime. They only have Japanese menu so we had to guess what some of the menu items were. The waiter was very patient with us. He tried his best explain what some of the dishes were in simple English. Between Google translate, guesstimation, and hand gestures, we placed an order for deep fried prawns and chicken karaage. We also ordered 2 specialty drinks based on Gundam mobile suits!
The Gundam Specialty Drinks

Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka

Mr. Chau and my brother in-law each ordered a special alcoholic slushy. The red drink has raspberries (or cranberries?) is based on the MSN-063 Sinanju Gundam. The green drink is a melon slushy based on the NZ-666 Kshatriya Gundam. The refreshing drinks were only ¥850 each. Because I’m allergic to vodka and we couldn’t tell what’s in the cocktails, I got an iced tea instead.
The Food

Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka

It’s no surprise that the menu description were all based on Gundam references. This means that Google Translation was no help here. I was able to pick up a few words such as エビフライ (Deep Fried Shrimp) and 鶏の唐揚げ (Deep Fried Chicken Karaage ) so we placed an order for these.
Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka
While both of the deep fried dishes tasted good, it’s nothing to write home about. I liked that each dish includes a side salad. Each dish also had a Z’Gok Gundam on the plate as decoration. It almost looked like they are presenting the food to you with the way their arms were positioned. The Z’Gok figures were so cute! We took lots of photos before digging in. The total cost for both dishes was under  ¥2000.

Planning to visit? Here are some tips:

Dining Bar Solomon - Gundam Themed Bar in Fukuoka

  • There is a surcharge of ¥500pp if you sit at the table. I think the charge is less if you sit at the bar.
  • We got coasters (new ones) to take home as souvenirs.
  • Some of the jackets for cosplay requires a fee. Please inquire with staff before trying anything on.
  • Visit the washroom. The decor is very interesting!
  • They have a stamp card program. After a certain number of visits, you will move up in rank. Since this is our first time, we are “Privates”. But you can rank up to be commanders and generals.

Photos of Dining Bar Solomon – Gundam Themed Bar

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Thoughts on the Dining Bar Solomon

We enjoyed our dinner at Dining Bar Solomon. While there is nothing fancy about the food, we liked the ambiance and decorations. I spent a lot of time looking at the models. The level of details and customization on these gunplas are amazing. If you’re a fan of the Gundam anime, I’d definitely recommend you pay a visit.
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