Ruby KitKat – World’s First Ruby Chocolate Bar

Sublime Ruby KitKat - Ruby Chocolate Bar

The Sublime Ruby KitKat is the world’s first chocolate bar made from ruby chocolate. Luckily, I was able to buy some during my visit to Tokyo. They were sold as individual bars at the KitKat Chocolatory for ¥432 (tax incl.). Here’s a video of me unboxing the Sublime Ruby KitKat and tasting it for the first time.

Warning: This is my first taste test video so it’s quite amateur.

Sublime Ruby KitKat – What Does Ruby Chocolate Taste Like?

During my video shoot, I took 4 bites of the Sublime Ruby KitKat (saved the other half for Mr. Chau). The first thing I tasted was “nothing”. There was no distinct flavour in my first couple of chews. And then, there was a burst of tartness, similar to those from berries. This flavour didn’t last long though. I found that the tartness disappears after a few more chews.

The ruby chocolate does not have any berries. The pink hue is naturally derived from the ruby cocoa beans. So it’s not surprising that there was no berry flavour in the chocolate. I guess the tartness or sourness is from the cocoa beans themselves. There was also no cocoa flavour that you usually find in other chocolates.

Sublime Ruby KitKat - Ruby Chocolate Bar

Would I Buy the Sublime Ruby KitKat Again?

I think the flavour of the Ruby KitKat is interesting and quite enjoy the sudden burst of tartness. Since this is the first introduction of the ruby chocolate, I believe their intention was to keep it simple so we can taste the ruby chocolate on its own. That said, I probably won’t buy the same chocolate bar again. I’d rather spend the money to buy another variation of this chocolate bar. Maybe something with nuts or other flavours mixed with the ruby chocolate. Looking forward to seeing what they’ll do with the ruby chocolate next!

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