Aburi Oshi & More at Green Leaf Cafe – Burnaby

Temari Sushi from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

I was stoked to find that Green Leaf Sushi has opened a second location in Burnaby called Green Leaf Cafe. This restaurant has the popular aburi oshi as well as new cafe style items such as omurice and pasta. Here’s a look at my first dinner at Green Leaf Cafe.

Green Leaf Cafe – Appetizers

Kabocha fritters from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

Kabocha Fritters are deep-fried mashed kabocha squash with a quail egg in the centre. I like that the fritters were crispy and that the quail eggs in the centre were cooked perfectly. The green leaf-like thing on top is actually deep-fried kabocha peel.

Tomato Kimchi from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

Tomato Kimchi is a vegetarian dish. It’s basically a salad made mainly with tomatoes and kimchi. Topped with pea shoots and crispy lotus roots. This sweet and spicy salad is quite refreshing. However, since I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes, this was my least favourite dish.

Aburi Oshi from Green Leaf Cafe

Aburi Oshi from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

This time we got 3 different oshi to try: Salmon (classic), Spicy BBQ Eel and Dungeness Crab. I love aburi sushi and these did not disappoint. But if I have to pick just one, it’d definitely be the Dungeness Crab Oshi! Made with real Dungeness crab and tiger prawns, and topped with oshi sauce and crispy capers this seared pressed sushi is so good! I love shellfish and can definitely taste the sweetness of the Dungeness crab here. This is probably my favourite oshi on the menu.

Temari sushi (ball-shaped sushi) from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

Besides aburi oshi, we also ordered their temari sushi, mainly for photos (hehe). Look are pretty they are! Taste-wise they are the same as their nigiri counterpart.

“Tornado” House Omelette Rice

tornado omurice from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

One of the items that have been taking Instagram by storm is this “Tornado” Omurice. It has the same component as the regular omelette rice but the egg omelette on top is whirled and looks like a tornado. Personally, I think it looks more like a rose? (LOL) I really liked the texture of the egg. It’s fluffy and smooth and reminds of soft scrambled eggs. We tried the omurice with the white sauce instead of the classic demi-glace sauce. I enjoyed this dish a lot but some people thought the onion flavour was too strong in the fried rice.

Linguine Alle Vongole Bianco

Clam Pasta from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

Lastly, we tried the linguine with clams. This light yet flavourful pasta dish consists of clams and garlic in a buttery white sauce. As I mentioned before, I love shellfish so this one is right up my alley.

Final Thoughts

Assorted Aburi Oshi from Green Leaf Cafe Burnaby BC

It’s nice to have another sushi joint that offers aburi oshi in Burnaby. The dishes we tried were solid and I’d definitely come back again to try other menu items such as eggplant aburi oshi and tofu oshi.


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