Mille Crêpe Cakes from Sugar Lab – Burnaby

Desserts from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Sugar Lab is one of the dessert places that have recently opened up in Burnaby. They are especially known for their mille crêpe cakes. Besides cakes, Sugar Lab also have other shaved ice, Chinese sweet soups and a variety of milk teas and slushy drinks. Curious to see how their cakes and desserts compare to others, I visited Sugar Lab twice recently with Mr. Chau. Take a look at the items we’ve tried.

Sugar Lab Cafe – 1st Visit

Durian Mille Crepe Cake from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Durian Mille Crêpe Cake
I love durian so it’s no surprise that I ordered the durian mille crêpe cake. Durian has such a strong flavour that I can smell the cake before it arrived at the table. There were several layers of mashed durian between the thin, soft layers of cream and crêpes. The cream was not too sweet which I prefer and the durian was sweet and have good durian flavour. Over all the cake was smooth and the durian made it even creamier. If you’re a durian lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this cake.

Serradura Pudding Plant from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Serradura Pudding Plant

Mr. Chau got this because it sounded cute. It’s actually a mug filled with pudding, cream and crushed biscuit. Another name for this dessert is “sawdust pudding”. The “sawdust” refers to how the biscuit looks in the dessert. I read that Serradura originated in Portugal but became popular in Macau. The biscuit that’s traditionally used is called Marie biscuit but I’m not sure if that’s what they used here. The dessert was not too sweet but I would prefer to have less cream. This dessert was also a bit messy to eat, especially in the beginning. Every time you put your spoon into the mug, the crushed biscuits would fall off.

Serradura Pudding Plant from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Sugar Lab Cafe – 2nd Visit

Taro Mille Crepe Cake from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Taro Mille Crêpe Cake

This taro cake was calling for me when I was reviewing the menu. I love taro but never had it for dessert besides taro sweet soup. Before the cake arrived, I was a bit worried that the taro might be too hard or chunky. Surprisingly the taro paste was very smooth. I didn’t detect any taro bits or chunks at all. The taro flavour is there but I was hoping it’d be a bit stronger and a tad sweeter.  Overall, I liked this cake but you might find that the cake is not as light as the others due to the taro paste texture.

Strawberry Mille Crepe Cake from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Strawberry Mille Crêpe Cake

Besides the durian crêpe cake, this was probably my second favourite cake from Sugar Lab. This cake is bursting with strawberry flavour! I liked how they mixed the strawberries into the cream instead of using sliced strawberries. The strawberry cream combined with the thin crêpes gave the cake a soft and pillowy texture. Both of us really enjoyed this cake and would definitely order it again.

Mille Crepe Cakes from Sugar Lab Burnaby BC

Our Thoughts on Sugar Lab Dessert Cafe

Mr. Chau and I thoroughly enjoyed the cakes we’ve tried from Sugar Lab and would likely be coming back again. Before posting this, I had shared some of my mille crêpe cakes photos on Instagram. The most common question I got asked was how do the cakes from Sugar Labe compare to ones from L’otus Cake Boutique. Personally, I prefer the crêpe cakes from Sugar Lab. While I’ve heard some comments that the crêpe cakes here were too doughy. The cakes I’ve tried from were all soft and had a good texture.

Have you tried the cakes from Sugar Lab? What’d you think?

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