Korean Street Food at Seoul Truck – Coquitlam

Seoul Truck Korean Street Food - Coquitlam BC

I love watching Korean drama so when I heard Seoul Truck serves Korean street food, I had to check them out. Seoul Truck is located inside the food court of Henderson Place Mall in Coquitlam, BC. It’s not a place that I usually visit but I will travel for food! 

Before you start, here’s a look at the dishes I ordered for lunch:

Korean Street Food from Seoul Truck

At Seoul Truck, you can find the following street food, each comes with difference flavouring options:

  • Korean Popcorn Chicken (Dak-Gang-Jeong)
  • Korean Fried Chicken (Tong-Dak)
  • K-Street Toast
  • Special Menu – Snacks (Ddeok-Ko-Chi, chips and salads)

For lunch, Mr. Chau and I shared their signature Dak-Gang-Jeong, both flavours of the Ddeok-Ko-Chi and a K-Street Toast.

Dak-Gang-Jeong – Korean Style Popcorn Chicken

Korean Popcorn Chicken at Seoul Truck Korean Street Food - Coquitlam BC

These bite-size boneless chicken pieces were coated lightly and deep fried to golden crispiness. We got the Garlic St. – Seoul Truck’s signature flavour where the chicken is coated with sweet soy sauce and topped with sauteed chopped garlic. There were small pieces of deep fried rice cake as well. The small size is $5.45 which makes a great appetizer.

Ddeok-Ko-Chi – Deep Fried Korean Rice Cakes Skewers

Deep Fried Rice Cakes at Seoul Truck Korean Street Food - Coquitlam BC

I looked forward to eating this the most because I love rice cakes. We got both flavours, Red Rd. – rice cakes brushed with sweet and spicy sauce, and Yellow Rd. – rice cakes topped with cheddar cheese and sprinkled with sugar. It’s hard to decide which of these two tasted better because I enjoyed both of them. The Red Rd. is $2.50 each and Yellow Rd. is $2.95. You can get both, called Orange Rd, for $5.00.

K-Street Toast – Korean Style Grilled Sandwich

Korean Street Toast at Seoul Truck Korean Street Food - Coquitlam BC

The Issac Toast, a grilled sandwich by a shop called Issac, seems to be really popular in Asian but I have yet to see a chain open up in Vancouver. So when I see Korean street toast on the menu at Seoul Truck, I had to try one to see what it’s all about. We ordered the 2nd Ave. which includes all the toppings except honey ham for $3.95. The toppings include cheddar cheese, egg omelette (with onions, carrots and green onions), shredded fresh cabbage and homemade sweet sauce. The basic, which is called 1st Ave. is the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

The K-Street Toast had grilled crispy bread with shredded cabbage sticking out. It doesn’t look special but the flavours were surprisingly good. The fresh cabbage gave it a crunchy texture and the egg omelette had great flavour. What brought it all together was the “sweet sauce”. What looked like mayonnaise were actually sweet and it tied all the flavours together. This seemingly normal sandwich was definitely worth trying. In fact, I might have to come back to try their signature next time!

Final Thoughts

The flavours at Seoul Truck were bang on. Spicy, salty and sweet, you can have it all here. My favourite was the Ddeok-Ko-Chi because I love rice cakes. The K-Street Toast were a close second because I didn’t expect such a simple sandwich to be this good. I’d definitely recommend checking this place out if you like Korean food. We already plan on going back to try their fried chicken.




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