Travel Tea Set from Umi Tea Sets (gifted) – Review

Do you wish you could brew a proper cup of tea at work or when you’re out? Nowadays there are so many travel tea sets that allow you to do just this. I recently received one from Umi Tea Sets to try and here are my thoughts.
*The tea set was gifted by Umi Tea Sets but the opinions are my own after using it for a week.*

Now that I work from home, I can make my tea properly since the kitchen is just a few steps away. But occasionally, I like to work at a makeshift spot inside our bedroom, next to a window with greenery and pretend I’m at the office. Of course, I still need to drink my tea so this is where I’d use a travel tea set!

Use travel tea set for the office

This travel tea set from Umi Tea Sets is made from porcelain, has a slim profile and comes with two cups. The bamboo piece in the middle is a nice addition that allows you to pour the hot tea without burning your hand.

What I love…

What I love about this tea set is that the teapot and cup volume works well for tea for two. The teapot volume is about 100ml and each cup holds just about 60ml. You can use this to serve tea at a meeting or just to enjoy a little zen moment with a co-worker.

Travel Tea Set from Umi Tea Set

The bamboo piece on the teapot also comes off completely which is another feature that I liked a lot. This makes it easy to clean and ensures that the piece can dry completely since mould grows easily on wet bamboo.

What I dislike…

My biggest dislike about this tea set is that it didn’t come with a case. I think all teaware that is made or labelled as “travel” friendly, should include a protective case. While you could easily wrap this up with a towel and put it in your purse or backpack, it doesn’t have the same protection as a very snug-fit protective case. Especially since the lid of this teapot is very loose and will likely be rolling around a lot.

I will likely use this tea set at home or for short outings since it didn’t come with a travel case. Unfortunately, this particular tea set is no longer available on the Uni Tea Sets website. However, there seem to be quite a few others that do come with a protective case. Check them out on Instagram @umiteasets2 if you’re looking to bring your tea experience outside of your home.

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